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The Key (period photo) by HerbertW
The Key (period photo)
Old uncle Jebediah Warren used to tell us kids not to pay no mind to that old locked door under the cellar stairs. And that any sounds we might hear was just rats scurrying behind the walls. Then one day, we found his key. ~ Diary entry of Randolph Winfield c. 1924
The key to somewhere by HerbertW
The key to somewhere
$3.50 scored three of these 5 inch long plastic keys from Michael's Halloween section. The hardest part was scraping off most of the black glitter that encrusted its surface. I didn't remove all of course, some of it made for a nice grainy rust texture. So I gave it a coat of black spray paint, followed by a light dusting of texture paint (the stuff you use to put stone texture on things).

  On one key I used Sophisticated Finishes rusting agent, although I found that it was a bit overdone. I wanted the key to look like it was old, but still useable. Not like it had just been dredged up from the sea floor. So on the other two, I lightly drybrushed the whole thing with medium brown craft paint to bring out the rough texture. After that I used a small stiff brush to again lightly drybrush dark orange, and Marigold paint. First mixed, then alternating straight out of the bottle,  making sure to put down a very light layer, then dabbing up the excess with a dry rag.

 I used the same technique on the large metal key ring. The smaller ring was a welded steel ring from the hardware store. I darkened it using an acetylene torch, then had to cut it open in order to get the ring on.

 I wish I had an old stone floor the photograph it on, but had to settle for the garage.
Book of Rust. Page one. by HerbertW
Book of Rust. Page one.
I thought that the Book of Rust needed a better interior illustration that my lame scrawlings, so I put this together using images and textures I found online and run through Photoshop filters. The font is called Fountain Pen Frenzy.
Steampunk Eyepatch by HerbertW
Steampunk Eyepatch
A mechanical contrivance assembled from spare part, and modelled by some disreputable character. Note the small color-changing light one the side. It's purpose? Well that's anyones guess.
Gatling WiP by HerbertW
Gatling WiP
Someone in comments asked for some work in progress shots for the gatling gun. So here you are. Starting with a shot of the original toy gun, which featured rotating barrels, sound, and flashing blue lights. 
 I disassembled it, removing most of the inner workings and fake barrels. A new barrel base was cut and drilled from wood, and purchased brass tubes.

 The generator was made from two magnetic stick up LED lights stuck together.
 Parts of the body were cut away with a saw, and filled with sheet plastic and automotive bondo.
 Large bolts were mounted in the sides and anchored with several layers of plywood screwed together, and held in place with a fair amount of 2-part epoxy.
 Areas of the surface was smoothed out using pieces of sheet styrene. Rivets were made with metal brads from the art store. The gauge was a toy yo-yo.
I carved the grip from wood, the side handle was from an old file handle. The grip screws were actually nails with a slot cut in using a Dremel cutting wheel.

the whole thing was finally painted with Krylon Brass and Testors Gun Metal spray cans. With a wash of watered down acrylic and a drybrush of steel.
Oh lord, has it really been over two months since I posted anything? Sorry everyone! My times been mainly consumed by building my static-powered gatling gun for a customer. Its probably my most complex piece yet. Also added today is an update to a previous pistol design. Hopefully with these out of the way I can go back to work on a proper Lovecraftian piece.


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Phil Bolton
United States
Not much to say really. My real name is Phil (If you're wondering about the username, it was pretty much the only one that wasn't already taken). I grew up in Atlanta and moved to Seattle about 15 years ago.
I've always been the creative type, building models, and doing 2D and digital art, and its only in the last year that I discovered Steampunk, and the idea of creating 3D work.
I've been a fan of Lovecrafts work for since high school, so it seemed only natural to combine the two.

I'm more than happy to do commissions, or even sell some of the pieces posted here. Just drop me an e-mail. My prices are quite reasonable.

Current Residence: South of Seattle,WA
Favourite genre of music: Just about anythign besides hip-hop, rap, and country
Favourite style of art: Fantasy
Operating System: Windows 7 ftw!

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professor-theodosius Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Your work is amazing and inspirational! ;)
HerbertW Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Thank you. That means a lot.
Darkcyde1102 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
love your work
HerbertW Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Thats very kind of you. Thanks!
Darkcyde1102 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
I have tried my hand at some of what you do and you make it look easy 
HerbertW Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Well, I wouldn't way its easy. I do a lot of research online before starting a new piece, thats why I post stuff so infrequently. But I do enjoy it. Looking forward to seeign what you come up with. And if I can offer any advice, just ask.
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OttotheConfused Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wonderfully clever and amazing props. My sincere compliments to you.
HerbertW Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
You're too kind sir. Thank you!
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Steamcon V photos are now up over at my Flickr gallery.
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